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【The largest dormitory in Okinawa Prefecture】39,000 yen (tax included) for 30 days stay! Stay at a super reasonable price! commercial kitchen,air conditioner,Equipped with elevator

  • 【Recommended for those who are having trouble with sudden relocation and those who want to stay cheaply and for a long time.】
    Located in Kumoji, the center of Naha City, it is very popular among long-term residents as it is close to the office Kokusai-dori Street, and tourist spots.
    People who are urgently looking for a place to stay due to sudden job transfer
    Those looking for a cheap monthly stay for a long period of time
    You can start living right away with just one bag.
    The beds are not bunk beds, but all single dormitory rooms on the floor, so you can have privacy even though you are in a shared room.
    There is a large kitchen space and you can cook your own meals, so it is economical.
    It is fully equipped with air conditioning, air conditioning, and an elevator, so you can stay comfortably for a long time.

    Stay at a reasonable price for a 30-day stay!
    Guest House Grand Naha's Man Sleep plan!


    ☆★Notes on first procedure check-in time★☆
    *Check-in is not possible after 23:00.

    ☆★Information and requests★☆
    ・Smoking is prohibited in this facility.There is a smoking area outside the 1st floor, so please use that.
    ・Shower rooms, toilets, etc. are available on each floor.
    *The equipment is shared.Please be quiet as some customers are on holiday.(Shower room hours 6:30 to 24:00)
    ・Only guests can enter the room

    ☆★Paid service★☆
    Valuables locker(100 yen / day)/Suitcase locker(200 yen / day)/Bath towel rental(200 yen / day)/Face towel 100 yen/Disposable slippers 100 yen/Rinse & shampoo 50 yen/Shampoo & conditioner 50 yen/Body soap 50 yen/Toothbrush set 50 yen/Razor (with gel) 50 yen/Laundry detergent 50 yen/Luggage storage 500 yen(1 piece)

    ☆★Accepting children★☆
    Children (elementary school students and younger) are charged at the same rate as adults.

    Please be sure to contact us before sending your parcel and pick it up yourself.
    If you do not contact us and you cannot pick it up by yourself, you will be charged 500 yen per piece of luggage.In addition, if there is no staff, you may not be able to receive it, so please do so after 15:00.
    If you come by bicycle, please be sure to contact us.If there are many cars, it may cost 1000 yen per night for parking.Please understand.
    There is a shoe box on each floor for shoes and sandals.
    We are not responsible for any loss.
☆★Man sleep plan★☆☆★30 days 39,000 yen(Tax included)★☆(Same price for men and women)
*If you are staying for a long time, we ask for your cooperation as we will ask you for a copy of your ID.
*Please understand that there is no private room of the monthly plan

☆★How to reserve★☆
*Single Dormitory Man Sleep Run is a phone reservation only.
Even after you make a reservation one night to try, so you can accept also your contract of monthly plan
Please feel free to contact us.